How Are White Tips Formed on Cannabis Buds?

When Washington state cannabis producer Vashon Velvet’s Susan Gress began using LED lights to grow cannabis, she noticed that white tips began sporadically appearing in her garden. Confused, Gress had a few visitors come to the property and take a look at her grow.

The first visitor, Bob Montoya, is a photographer who works with NW Leaf. Montoya came in with a high-powered macro lens and took images of the white tips.

“[He] came to take pictures of our grow for NW Leaf and photographed a white tip,” Gress explained. “So, I asked him, do they look damaged? ‘Oh my god,’ he replied, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it, this is trichomes on top of trichomes!’” Continue reading “How Are White Tips Formed on Cannabis Buds?”

Vets Seek Alternative Medicine Through Alternate Health Centers

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TUCSON –For veterans returning home, picking up where they left off is easier said than done. Most vets turn to the VA to help them readjust to their civilian lives, but the hospital is unable to provide them with a natural medicine, medical marijuana.

“It can decrease the amount of sedatives, stop the opioids that they’re on, and they get very symptomatic relief,” Huggins said.

Dr. George Huggins has been practicing medicine for more than 50 years. He is currently a physician at Tumbleweeds Health Center where he sees many veterans who are addicted to prescription painkillers.

“They want to get off these addictive medicines that are not providing any real relief for their pain,” Huggins said.

The VA can’t prescribe medical marijuana because it is a Schedule I controlled substance at the federal level. Owner at Tumbleweeds, Kim Williams, said the DEA’s current stance on marijuana is not justified.

“I think the Schedule I classification does cannabis a great disservice,” Williams said. “It’s up there with heroin and things like that that have no medical use.”

In the past, congress has pushed to allow VA doctors to discuss and recommend medical marijuana as a treatment option with patients, but right now all they can do is send medical records to alternate health centers. Continue reading “Vets Seek Alternative Medicine Through Alternate Health Centers”

Strain of the Week: The Dessert

The Dessert

Strain Highlights

Known by many names, The Dessert is a CBD-dominant cross of Harlequin and Granddaddy Purple. This earthy, slightly sweet sativa-dominant hybrid has been seen with a 3:1 CBD/THC ratio, slotting it firmly as a medicinal strain while offering enough THC whizbang for recreational cannabis consumers. The Dessert’s effects are lucid, but not stimulating, as well as cozy, but not couch-locked, making it ideal for folks seeking to quash anxiety and minor physical pain.

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Forget 5:00—4:20 Is the New Happy Hour

For anyone who regularly chooses cannabis over alcohol, 4:20 is already the de facto happy hour. Finally, the rest of the world is catching up.

 Where to Find a 4:20 Happy Hour

Upscale establishments in both LA and San Francisco have launched happy hours beginning at 4:20 p.m., a sign of cannabis’s ever-expanding place in mainstream consciousness. EdiBOL, in downtown LA, the Happy 420 Hourmenu features deep-fried bites (“Munchabols”—all priced at $4.20) and cocktails named after cannabis strains (complete, we noticed during a recent visit, with strain descriptors—relaxed, uplifted, etc.—from the Leafly pages for each drink’s namesake strain). The menu runs from 4:20 to 7:00 p.m. every weekday. Continue reading “Forget 5:00—4:20 Is the New Happy Hour”

How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Sylvia Plath wasn’t wrong when she said, “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” And what could possibly make this already soothing activity even more relaxing? A little help from THC or CBD in the form of a colorful bath bomb! Continue reading “How to Make Easy Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs”

Strain of the Week: Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Strain Highlights

Red Dragon is one exotic flower. A Barney’s Farm cross between a West Himalayan Kush and Utopia Haze (a Brazilian sativa), this hybrid is a strain for connoisseurs. Featuring a sweet, fruity aroma, Red Dragon offers consumers a truly different cannabis experience. Slightly sativa-dominant, this strain is giggly and upbeat. Great for those suffering from depression or stress, Red Dragon has a very happy and uplifting effect. Unfortunately, this strain may cause some to feel quite paranoid. If you’re prone to anxiety, Red Dragon may not be the best strain for you. This hybrid grows best indoors and has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks.

Sounds like this strain will put some pep in your step! If you have questions about how a certain strain could affect you, give us a call we can help! Natural Healing Care Center – 520-323-0069

What Is Dry Sift Hash?

Dry sift is a form of hash, like kief, that’s named after the process used to make it. It’s a hands-on, craft approach to separating the trichome heads from the plant material. The dry sift technique uses screens with extremely fine mesh to hand-sift the dried flowers or trim, removing the resinous glands and refining the extract into a granular consistency. High-quality dry sift is appreciated for its artisanal process and revered for its terpene profile, potency, and its ability to melt and vaporize completely. Continue reading “What Is Dry Sift Hash?”

Our Journey with CBD Oil

Our Journey with CBD Oil

My husband and I are huge believers in medicinal marijuana and want to share our story in hopes that it might help another family. We are be no means experts in this area, but connecting with other cannabis families is important as so much of the process is all on the parents.

Our little guy (who has just turned 3) was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about 6 months old and has been taking a variety of seizure medications ever since. For the first month of his diagnosis he was on and off different medications until the doctor finally found a combination that worked for him. And that medication is still working for him two and a half years later.  There are some amazing ways these oils are changing children’s lives everywhere. His story isn’t quite like the others, but they have changed his life nonetheless. Continue reading “Our Journey with CBD Oil”

Strain of the Week: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Strain Highlights

Coconut Oil is a sativa-dominant phenotype of SFV OG that was created from The Cali Connection’s genetic stock. According to the grower, this phenotype had such a strong coconut smell and flavor that it couldn’t have been named more adequately. Coconut Oil lands firmly in the body, offering pleasant and relaxing effects without drowsiness. It offers consumers happy, creative euphoria alongside mid-level physical effects that have been known to stimulate arousal.

If you suffer from anxiety, try a strain like Coconut Oil, your worries will melt away! Give us a call today if you have questions about medical marijuana, we are here to help! Natural Healing Care Center.  520-323-0069

The Best and Worst Blunt Wrappers: A Definitive (and Completely Subjective) Ranking

Blunts. You like blunts, I like blunts, Rihanna likes blunts. We all like blunts. In fact, I like them so much that one day I was smoking a Swisher Sweet full of some Chemdawg when I asked myself which blunt wrap is the best. Even though I knew the answer was the one I was holding, I couldn’t really make that call until I tried each type that I could get my hands on. Next thing you know, I’m driving all over the city picking up a pack of every single wrap behind every single counter until I had eight or nine different types. Continue reading “The Best and Worst Blunt Wrappers: A Definitive (and Completely Subjective) Ranking”