How to Make a Cannabis Wreath

‘Tis the season to drink copious amounts of eggnog, spend quality time with family and friends, and set out your favorite holiday decorations. But along with the cheer of the season comes the stress of baking, shopping, and finding the time to fit everything in. So we crafted the perfect go-to gift to impress your friends and get your creative juices flowing. Push those worries away as you cross off every person on your list with our DIY cannabis wreath.

With cannabis flower tucked between the branches (and a couple of pre-rolls in there to boot), this craft is two gifts in one: quality cannabis and a gorgeous holiday decoration that will outlast the holiday smoke sessions it sparks. Pack a bowl and give the gift that keeps on giving with this surprisingly simple cannabis wreath. Continue reading “How to Make a Cannabis Wreath”

Strain of the Week: Cherry Fire

Cherry Fire

Cherry Fire is a potent mixture of Cherry Pie and Fire OG genetics. This strain combines the sweet, doughy aroma of Cherry Pie and the heavy-hitting effects of Fire OG, offering a heady, creative mental state alongside a calm, centered physical sensation. Cherry Fire’s flavor is similar to its aroma, but opens up on the finish with notes of pepper, fuel, and hashish. This strain may be useful for consumers who suffer from appetite loss, chronic pain, and stress

Homemade Kief-and-Nutmeg Eggnog


It’s always an exciting moment to open up the catcher on my grinder to see how much kief I’ve collected. While others pepper their joints with the kief, I like to eat it. It gracefully infuses into oils and fats so there’s no need to strain or use a cheesecloth. It’s potent and low-maintenance which makes me all sorts of happy.

The kief in the catcher smelled especially spicy and earthy from all the OG Kush I’ve been smoking lately. This specific terpene profile is perfect for a medicated eggnog with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg. Continue reading “Homemade Kief-and-Nutmeg Eggnog”

Need A Dose Of Positivity? These Stories Will Give You All The Good Vibes

These days turning on the news can be a stressful proposition: Massive hurricanes thrashing major cities, raging wildfires destroying homes, and let’s not even get started on the round-the-clock media circus. The bottom line is that each of us needs a respite from the negativity that floods our screens daily and we all could use a dose of positivity. To that end, we have partnered with Dignity Health to provide a roundup of all things good news for the mind, body and spirit. Here you’ll find recent updates on the latest health treatments centered on connection, inspirational acts of kindness, and heartwarming stories all in one feed. So, grab a box of tissues, this is going to be a joyful ride!

A New Hope ….

Giving birth can be scary, especially when a child is born at just 23 weeks. In this article, you’ll find the heartwarming story of a Richmond mother’s 128-day journey from the emergency room to the delivery of her healthy baby girl Lorelei. See how the nursing staff of a small NICU unit comforted, encouraged, and supported a young mother and her infant baby during their most trialling time. Continue reading “Need A Dose Of Positivity? These Stories Will Give You All The Good Vibes”

Butternut-Kale Frittata

Active Time:
10 Mins
Total Time:
10 Mins
Serves 1 (serving size: 1 frittata)

Frittatas are one of the most efficient vehicles for leftover vegetables. Here, we pair roasted butternut squash with quick-cooking kale for a fiber-rich breakfast duo. A touch of dairy lends creaminess to the egg mixture, which helps achieve the coveted custardy frittata texture. For best results, use a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet and pull it from the oven before the eggs are completely set. Because it retains heat well, a cast-iron will continue to cook your frittata after you remove it from the oven. Continue reading “Butternut-Kale Frittata”

Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: Under $20

2017 Gift Guide starts with a selection of gifts under $20. Don’t call them cheap, though! Let’s go with…budget-conscious.

Got a white elephant exchange at work? Searching for a stoner-friendly stocking stuffer? Last-minute shopping have you working from a tight bank account?

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for a gift you can purchase with pocket change. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with selections like rolling papers, strain diaries, and even a perfectly priced pocket vaporizer that all say, “I absolutely meant to get you this all along!” Continue reading “Cannabis Gifts for the Holidays: Under $20”

Strain of the Week: Bubba Berry

Bubba Berry

Strain Highlights

Bubba Berry is a sedating cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and DJ Short’s Blueberry. This strain lays into the body, weighing on the limbs and mind with a deep, stoney buzz. The relaxing and calming qualities of this strain lend to meditation and recuperation. Bubba Berry’s aroma is sweet and berry-forward. Its flavor is also fruity and musky with a hint of spice on the finish. Reserve this strain for the end of the day as its heavy physical effects saddle the consumer with nearly insurmountable couchlock and a state of contentment.

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11 CBD Tinctures Made for Your Pet


Most pet-parents would go to any length to help their furry friends, and many are beginning to consider medical cannabis as a means of wellness management and relief from pain. With specially-formulated CBD tinctures on the market made just for pets, you can treat your furry friends as you would yourself.

Like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system, allowing them to receive the myriad benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD. Pets with conditions like arthritis, cancer, seizures, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation, and poor appetite, among others, can benefit from a CBD tincture. It can even improve quality of life for senior animals. Continue reading “11 CBD Tinctures Made for Your Pet”

5 Healthy Ways to Prevent End of Year Burn Out

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent feeling burnt out by your end of the year to-do list. We partnered with Sleep Number to offer some healthy tips on how to keep yourself focused and feeling your best.

Schedule Some “Me Time”

While it’s great to surround yourself with friends and family this time of year, it doesn’t leave much time for yourself. If you are feeling worn out, you can recharge with some scheduled “me time.” Whether it’s reading a good book or taking in the sunset, putting aside 30 minutes of your day can vastly improve your mood and your stamina. Continue reading “5 Healthy Ways to Prevent End of Year Burn Out”

Cannabis and Epilepsy Treatment

Since medicinal cannabis has become a more commonplace alternative for a well-established list of ailments, patients are finding a place for it next to their Advil and Tums. But unlike many other chronic illnesses that can be managed with over-the-counter supplements, epilepsy requires a specific cocktail of chemicals not readily available at the local corner store.

This is why cannabis – specifically its chemical constituent CBD (cannabidiol) – has become so important for families struggling to treat their epileptic loved ones. Cannabis has demonstrated so much promise in the treatment of epilepsy that FDA-approved clinical trials are underway. But why is it that cannabis in particular is so effective at treating seizures, and why is it critical that clinical investigations continue? Continue reading “Cannabis and Epilepsy Treatment”