New Strains Alert: Wild Thailand, Cronuts, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies, and More

Happy Friday and welcome back to another New Strains Alert! This week we have several crosses from Alphakronik Genes, many featuring their potent Sin City Kush. We are also featuring two unique landrace strains from Thailand (Wild Thailand) and Brazil (Brazil Amazonia) that have been preserved and propagated by World of Seeds out of the EU.  Also, we have a new Cookies cross, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies, for all you Cookies crazed cannabis consumers. Find these strains and more right here on Leafly, and if you’ve had the pleasure of trying any, drop by and share a review. We’d love to hear from you!

Gbs Gobbstopper Leafly cannabis strain tile   Gobbstopper

Gobbstopper is a berry flavored indica strain and the second entry in Alphakronik Genes’ Wonka Series. Created by crossing Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush, Gobbstopper’s long-lasting fruity flavor opens up on the nose with sweet, tart fruit and savory earthiness. This strain’s aroma ranges from grape Pez with hints of tapioca to Mt. Hood raspberries and sandalwood. Its bud structure reflects its Kush genetics, offering deep colors and healthy trichome coverage. The effects are relaxing and floaty, “making you feel as if you were floating down a river of warm, melted chocolate,” or so says Alphakronik.


I Meditated Every Day For A Month And Here’s What Happened

I first tried meditation in my office about three years ago, when a group of colleagues met in a conference room for a quick guided session.

I remember that first simple meditation so well: After about 10 minutes of sitting with my eyes closed, in a circle of plastic chairs, I felt like I’d been in a spa for hours. My mind was quiet and my body moved slowly. I walked back to my desk bleary-eyed and relaxed, like I had just consumed a glass of wine.

What was this, magic? I was hooked.


Cannabis Product Recommendations for First-Time Consumers

With cannabis legalization moving full-speed ahead, you might find yourself becoming curious about trying it for the first time (or for the first time in a long time). Or maybe you have a friend or family member asking about cannabis as they flirt with the idea of partaking. As a first-timer, you likely have lots of questions you want answered before you pick up a product to try, such as:

  • What’s an indica and sativa?
  • What’s CBD?
  • How do you use a vape pen?
  • What’s cannabis oil?
  • How do edibles feel?

To help you better understand what you should buy if you’re using cannabis for the first time, allow us be your virtual budtender before you even step foot in a dispensary. Each product delivers a unique experience, so let’s review a few different product types based on common concerns of cannabis beginners.


12 Juicy Berry Recipes That Taste Like Summer

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries — oh my! Berry season is in full swing. From muffins to pancakes to frozen yogurt, these delicious berry recipes make the most of the season’s juiciest bounty.


This summery recipe comes from Gina Homolka’s bestselling cookbook, Skinnytaste Fast & Slow (Clarkson Potter, 2016). She writes: “I love bringing a big bowl of these juicy berries to a backyard gathering, especially in the summer when berries are at their peak. This easy dessert doesn’t require any cooking, and is always a crowd-pleaser…My trick to making the homemade whipped cream with less fat is folding in some Greek yogurt, which also adds a slight tang that’s quite delicious with the berries.”


Cannabis Science 101: The Physics and Chemistry of the Joint

When a joint gets passed around, it tends to bring out the armchair scientists.

Everyone has a theory. And most theories sound like they come straight from the mind of Ron Slater, Dazed and Confused’s stoner historian. There’s the temperature theorist, who’s convinced you’ve got to keep the joint hot. And the long-toke artist. And the many-short-hits believer.

Who’s right? Let’s look into the actual science of the joint, or as the peer-reviewed journals refer to it, the marijuana cigarette.

First, a primer about why cannabis is burned and smoked in the first place. Eating a gram of cured flower straight out of the bag is a bad idea. It’ll taste like eating Kentucky bluegrass, and you won’t get the desired effect. The THC in the plant needs to undergo a process known as decarboxylation to become psychoactively available. Ed Rosenthal, one of the world’s leading experts on cannabis biology, explains the rest in this excerpt from one of his columns:


You Have The Power To Choose Your Attitude

We’ve all had those moments of losing our cool. Often it happens in the car, when someone cuts us off and we lash out either vocally or demonstrably, venting our frustration into the vacuum. And sometimes it happens in a more public fashion. I witnessed two of these episodes recently, both in airports (another place that seems to send many of us over the edge).

In the first incident, a couple was late for their connecting flight, so late that the gate had already closed and the plane was in the process of pushing back. It was a small airport, and the rest of us watched as the woman banged on the door repeatedly, demanding that someone on the other side open it, and then both she and her partner turned on the gate agent, screaming at him and demanding to know why the plane had left without them. It was both fascinating and uncomfortable to watch, especially as their toddler wandered around the airport, happy and oblivious to his parents’ distress.


Advice for First-Time Cannabis Smokers: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind


Meal Prep: Here Lies The Secret To Eating Healthy All Week Long

Do your shopping, spend a few hours cooking on the weekend, and enjoy the fruits of your labor all week long. A lot of thought goes into curating them, ensuring there’s a good balance of nutrition and delicious fun.

This is going to be a delicious week. And it’s all thanks to the fruits and vegetables that we loaded up into just five simple recipes. Most of us want to eat more fruits and vegetables, but we don’t because they take some preparation to make into a meal.

If you take the time on Sunday to make the  recipes we’ve picked out, that problem will be solved. And you’ll be fueling up on delicious dishes that’ll leave you feeling great.

We have a spring veggie frittata for breakfast. There are herb marinated beans for lunch ― serve them on toast or atop a bed of greens. Chicken-and-lemon risotto makes for a filling spring dinner, and toasted green beans are the perfect complement. And then, there’s a poppy seed fruit salad for dessert with a crunch we never realized we wanted.

Get to it!