Dr. Jasmine May, Naturopathic Physician, has returned to the desert to practice naturopathic medicine after having established a growing naturopathic medical clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

     She continues to focus on her work with individuals experiencing chronic dis “ease”. Underlying mental or emotional factors often contribute to the disease process:

     Dr. May finds joy and peace in helping others to uncover their own healing through mind/body medicine. She completed a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship in Classical Homeopathy with Joel Shepperd, M.D., at Center for Integral Health, in Chicago, IL.       “Homeopathy is an extremely effective, yet gentle, form of  medicine that gets to the root cause of individuals’ suffering, to shift long standing patterns of pain toward health and ease. “

      She uses homeopathy as a way to better understand and to heal her patients. She also utilizes acupuncture, bodywork, diet/nutrition, and hydrotherapy to help individuals heal.