Where/How do I get my Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson/Arizona?

If you have been diagnosed with one of 15 qualifying conditions, you can legally obtain your Medical Cannabis Card in Arizona. Here, at Natural Healing Care Center, we can assist you in obtaining your Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson AZ or Any other part of Arizona. Our Licensed Physicians are on-site and offer a range of alternative healing information.

Is Marijuana legal in Arizona?

Medical Marijuana is legal in Arizona due to voter approved PROP 203, which passed in 2010. If you have your Arizona Medical Marijuana Card, you are legally allowed to be in possession of up to 2.5 ounces of Medical Marijuana.





Where is the Cheapest place to get my Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson AZ?

Our center is very compassionate with the doctor and service fees, and will likely match any advertised price in Tucson. The state fee for the Card is either, $150 (without food stamps) or $75 (with food stamps)

How much is it to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Tucson AZ?

Our doctor fee is $100 for a First Time Patient, and $80 for Renewal. We also have a $20 processing fee (or you can process on your own for free). The state fee for the Medical Marijuana Card is either: $150 (without food stamps) or $75 (with food stamps)

Do I need medical records for my appointment?

Yes, the state does require all physicians to review PRE-EXISTING medical records from a diagnosing physician, we are not allowed to diagnose you on site.

Do you offer Doctor Evaluations?

If you were seen at our office for your card, but haven’t been a primary care physician in the 12 months for your renewal, we can schedule an Evaluation with one of our physicians to update your medical records.

Are you Handicap accessible?

Yes, We are!

How long does it take to get my Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona?

Right now, it is taking the State about 10 business days to issue and mail the card to you from the time of your appointment.

How long is my doctor appointment?

Please plan to be at the office for 30-45 minutes, however, sometimes the doctors need more time with patients and that can push the wait time back. But, we work really hard to get everybody in and out within 30-45 minutes.

Are you a Dispensary? Do you Sell the Cannabis at your facility?

No, we are not a dispensary and we cannot sell cannabis to patients. Once you obtain the card from the State, we can help you find a licensed dispensary that is convenient for your needs.

How long is my Medical Marijuana Card valid for? Do I have to Renew every year? 

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Card is good for one year, then you have to renew the card. We can help with renewals at our office give us a call or click here to Schedule.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, we are not contracted with any insurance companies. However, we do take HSA cards for office payments, and we can help you obtain any medical codes for out of network reimbursement.

Can I bring my Children to the appointment?

Of Course! Children and service animals are welcome!!!!!

What is included in My Complimentary Cannabis Consultation?

You will sit with one of our Cannabis Specialists and go over the different types of Cannabis, along with the various ways of consumption and dosing that is suitable for your needs. It is a 15-minute visit and it is included with every Arizona Medical Marijuana Card visit.

Do I have to fill out any paperwork prior to my Medical Marijuana Doctor appointment?

We have a brief intake form that you can complete in the office, or online, prior to the appointment.

Do you accept Checks? How can I pay for my Medical Marijuana Doctor Appointment?

We do not accept checks. You can pay for your Medical Marijuana Doctor appointment with: Cash, Visa, or MasterCard. You have to pay the State Arizona Medical Marijuana Card fee with either Visa or MasterCard. We can only take Cash for the office fees, the state fee is electronic.

What happens if I don’t Qualify?

If you don’t qualify, then you don’t pay any fees. The only reason you wouldn’t qualify would be if, you don’t have any medical records for the appointment. Other than that, there would be no other reason for you not to qualify for your Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona. ‚Äč